Providing strategic leadership and directs the affairs of the organization.

It comprises of thirteen (13) members with each BLS country contributing four (4) members. The Regional Director, who is also the Chief Executive Officer is an Ex-officio member. The Institute constitutes two levels of management, the Regional Office (RO), led by the Regional Director, coordinating and overseeing the activities of country offices. Daily business operations take place at country campuses which are led by Country Directors.

To discharge a proximate supervision of the country campuses, the Board has from its membership delegated bodies called Local Boards to oversee strategic and operational matters at country level. Each Local Board is made up of Board Members nominated and appointed from that particular country. The Board constitutes representatives from Private Sector, local Universities and high level government officials from Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Dr. Thabiso Lebese

Dr. Thabiso Lebese is Chairman of Lesotho IDM Local...

Bertram Stewart

Mr Stewart is the Principal Secretary & National...

Dr. Shabani Ndzinge

He is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Botswana....

Faried Ja’qub Van Wyk

Van Wyk is a member of IDM Botswana under Private Sector...

Thuso Green

Mr Green is the Managing Director of DataNet Lesotho (...

Evart Madlopha

He is the Local Board Chairman of IDM Swaziland. He...

Bonisiwe Ntando

Ntando is IDM member of Regional...

Prof P. Joubert

She is an Associate Professor at the University of...

Dr Onalenna Kgokgwe