Campus Life in Botswana

Campus life at IDM provides a fascinating and perfect opportunity for students to appreciate life at a welcoming and friendly new home. In addition to the safe and homely hostel accommodation we offer at our school campuses, we also provide exclusive and secure off-campus rented town houses, with guaranteed transportation to and from school. We fully understand that going to university alone is beyond just completing your degree; it’s about entering a completely new world, a world that determines your ability to explore to thrive in a new environment. Campus life at IDM gives you an opportunity to see life through a fresh lens, at the same time giving you an exciting learning experience. Situated in Gaborone (Botswana), Francistown (Botswana), Maseru (Lesotho), Matsapha (Eswatini), our campuses offer you a perfect opportunity for self-realisation and how you can relate with other students of diverse cultural backgrounds and beliefs.

The services we provide include; psychological support, living and learning communities (LLC), Disability Support, diversity, specialised learning support, financial support, Cultural activities, Student leadership and organizations as well as parent education.