Lesotho Library

Fast Facts

IDM library Lesotho campus supports and serves IDM Lesotho campus community with information resources in a manner that is cordial, efficient and equitable. It also strives to provide the academic community with quality library services and programs through its collection of information resources.

IDM Library Collection

  • Scholarly print Books;
  • Book chapters;
  • Open access E-books
  • Open access E- journal Articles;
  • Local Newspapers
  • Multimedia
  • Research Projects

IDM archival documents (annual reports, newsletter, students’ handbooks, etc.)

Library Customers

Full and part-time students, academic staff, administrative staff and IDM external consultants


Membership is free to all IDM students and staff. However, in order to borrow information materials, users are required to fill up a membership form that will qualify them to be members of IDM Lesotho campus library. External consultants borrow materials through their Course Directors.


Enquiry desk

Handles all library transactions: loans, returns, renewals, course reserves and short loans.

Circulation - Lending & Inter-lending

Students are allowed to borrow up to 2 book for a week, Administrative staff 3 books per week and Academic staff 5 books for a month. Borrowed library items can be renewed once, provided other users have not reserved them. A penalty for late returns of books is 5 maloti a day per book. A user is expected to pay a damaged or lost book by buying it.

Short Loan

A number of heavily used books are placed in the short loan section and users are allowed to borrow at least 2 books for a period of 3hours or can be loaned for overnight and returned in the morning.

Inter- Library Lending

IDM Lesotho campus library is a member of the Lesotho Library Consortium that made an agreement with members of the association for resource sharing. If the library does not have a certain information material requested by the client, the Assistant Librarian may lend it from other institutions within the consortium.

Reference and Information

Library staff provide print and digital content to clients for quick and general enquiries as well as in-depth research enquiries by library customers

Literature Searches

Library staff guides Researchers on how to carry out literature searches

Digital Document Delivery

Library staff deliver full-text digital articles, e-books, research papers and multimedia electronically based on clients’ research enquiries.

Internet Facility

For research and access of electronic databases, IDM Lesotho campus library has provision of computers with internet access for its users

Photocopying Facilities

The library offers photocopying, printing and scanning services at a cost of 50c per - page

Subject Liaison

Library staff works with faculty to train clients to navigate research databases and assist with in-depth research questions

Online Public Access Catalogue

Users can access IDM Lesotho library online catalogue at http://idm.librarika.com

IDM Lesotho Library Rules

  • All users must observe total silence in the library
  • Group discussions are not allowed in the library
  • Eating and chewing of gum are strictly prohibited in the library
  • Cellphones should be answered outside a the library and must be put on silent mode or vibration while in the library
  • Seats in the library may not be reserved
  • Users are allowed to use the computers in the library for two hours only and must register at the enquiry desk before using the computers
  • All users must be registered members of the library
  • Anyone caught marking, tearing or defacing books or any other library material will be expected to pay or replace the material.

Subscription-Based Research Databases


Opening Hours            

Monday to Friday:

0800-1700 Semester Time

0800-2000 Examination Time


0900-1700 Examination Time

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays