Executive Management

The Board appoints the Regional Director and other members of the Executive Management Team. The Executive Management is charged with the day to day conduct of IDM business and is responsible for the implementation of the Board’s decisions and corporate policies. The Executive Management comprises the Regional Director, Director of Corporate Services, Director of Finance and three Country Directors.  The Office of the Regional Director coordinates the activities of the country offices.  The Regional Office is the custodian of corporate policies and has the ultimate authority in their implementation.  Country Directors head the operational activities at the country offices.


Richard Malikongwa
Regional Director

Mr. Malikongwa is an ex-officio member of IDM...

Thato Kgaodi
Manager - Strategy, Communication & Projects

Mr TM Kgaodi is a seasoned, hands-on and innovative human resource...

Dr Edward Rets’elisitsoe Nko
Country Director


Ntsebo Mothelesi
Director Of Finance

She is the Regional Director of Finance at IDM. Ntsebo holds an...

Sipho Mbebe
Director Of Corporate Services

He has extensive experience in providing strategic direction and...

Abednico Sethono
Ag. Risk And Internal Auditor Manager

A Risk and Internal Audit professional with knowledge and...