Mr. Karabo Baipidi

Assistant Director, Quality Assurance Management
Eswatini Campus

Karabo Baipidi is the Assistant Director, Quality Assurance Management at IDM Regional Office. Mr Baipidi joined IDM in 2021 as Quality Assurance Coordinator at Botswana Campus, where he was instrumental in supporting the Institute to acquire ISO 9001:2015 certification. He has been in the education space for the past 13 years, having worked with the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) as Quality Assurance Specialist - Higher Education. He has also served as a Lecturer at Oodi College of Applied Arts and Technology, teaching Microbiology and Analytical Biochemistry. In pursuit of his career growth, Karabo has held other portfolios in different environments including Country Manager for The Education Group London (TEG), where he was responsible for marketing and driving educational sales for TEG service partners.
His areas of specialty are education policy, training, quality assurance, quality management, and curriculum development. Mr Baipidi was also involved in the development of national cosmetics standards under the HMCC Technical Committee at Botswana Bureau of Standards (2016-19), and he recently joined the Quality Management Systems Technical Committee, GPD1 TC, representing IDM. Furthermore, he is periodically engaged in accreditation review panels by regional external quality assurance agencies, with his recent assignment being with the Namibian Council on Higher Education.
Mr Baipidi holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences (University of Botswana), Master of Education in Higher Education (Botho University), and he is currently pursuing a PhD in Education Management Law and Policy with the University of Pretoria. For his PhD studies, he was awarded a Canon Collins RMTF Scholarship, which is awarded to individuals who are committed to issues of social justice and improving access to education.