The IDM 2022-2027 Strategic Plan marks our trajectory and cements our presence in the Region. This is a robust build-up on our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan and will strengthen our essential character as an Institute of choice. The 2022-2027 Strategic Plan is bold, aspirational and inward focused to maximize on the garnered gains and position IDM as the innovative Institute, locally and globally. Deliberate effort shall be channeled into fostering our strengths, building the tripartite and promoting excellence across business imperatives especially in education, research, consultancy and training. The 2022-2027 Strategic Plan will demand the very best from us all. Having bolstered the set of institutional values that, when sewn into our corporate culture and lived, are capable of enriching our stakeholder experiences, there is a need that we reaffirm our presence. We hence renew our undying commitment to excellence and institutional effectiveness and remain confident that we are well positioned to contributing to the national agendas and national strategic priorities. On behalf of IDM, I would like to appreciate the efforts put in crafting this plan, from the board of directors, executive committee, management teams, staff, students, alumni and previous employees who constructively contributed their views. Thank you for your time and your contributions. We look forward to implementing the 2022-2027 Strategic Plan to set IDM apart and distinguish it in the years to come.

The strategic goals we have committed to pursue, are underpinned by three strategic themes being: Striving for Excellence; Enhancing Collaborations and Partnerships; and ensuring that Good Governance prevails.

Our Goals are:

1) Excellence in teaching & learning: We will invest in digital transformation to facilitate an interactive and student-centered modern learning methodologies.

2)  We will offer superior student experience by providing adequate resources and a social/intellectually challenging environment.

3) Build a strong local and international profile: We will leverage on our tripartite establishment to strengthen our local footprint and global institutional links.

4) Excellence in research, publishing and consultancy: We commit to develop knowledge through research and will promote publication to enhance professional collaboration.

5) Institutional effectiveness and efficiency: In pursuit of excellence, we shall enhance and entrench efficient operational practices to support our mission and maximize our effectiveness