Botswana Student Welfare

Student Services Unit provides information, advice and guidance to all students at IDM. Students and staff work together to create a framework that maximizes to the extent possible students wellbeing enabling them to focus on their studies.  Academic & Learner Support Department and management evaluate effectiveness of programs and incorporate feedback generated through student survey and make appropriate policy revisions based on results of the survey and other feedback mechanisms.

Developing Support Services for Students

The primary objective of Learning Support is to prevent student drop-out and enhance student performance. This includes students with specific learning difficulties, health conditions and mental health difficulties. We offer opportunities for students to make a real difference to the Institution and the local community whilst developing the kind of transferrable skills that employers are looking for through:

Diversity and Inclusion

IDM offers extra support for students who have been under Social Welfare/ Social Services commonly referred as Students with Special Needs. We also support International Students by assisting students with settle in issues, applying for student’s permits, cultural exchange programs/ multi-cultural services etc.

Careers Service 

In consultation with the newly established Field Attachment Unit, we know and understand how important finding a job is for all students, and recognizes the additional pressures that those coming from care may experience. We aim to support all our students to get relevant work experience through volunteering in other services through short term placements and job shadowing.

Student Counseling Service

Campus life can sometimes produce a great deal of stress. The reasons for this can range from a heavy workload and imminent deadlines, to difficulties of a personal nature. Student Counseling provides an opportunity to discuss any difficulties students may be experiencing in their academic life with a qualified person.

We offer: Time and space; an opportunity to talk about any concerns and to build and learn new skills to support a student.


Our counselors all work within the Botswana Professional Health Council (BHPC) Framework. In line with the BHPC code of ethics, the information that is discussed will remain confidential unless a student asks a counselor to share it with someone else. There are a few exceptions to this which will be explained to a student when they contact the service.