Botswana Student and Community

Beyond the classroom environment, we prepare our students to be relevant to the communities within which we operate. Our programs competencies are deliberately linked to industry specific needs, helping us to align to our national development plans. We provide a safe and structured industry placement experience and give students’ appropriate training to apply their theoretical knowledge into practice. This is done through our Corporate Social Responsibility, research and student exchange programs.

While a significant amount of student learning occurs outside of the classroom and Student Services Unit professionals often help create and coordinate these out of class experiences to contributions to coordinate these out of class experiences. Students Services is one of the most appropriately positioned entities at IDM to collect meaningful student data and for that data to be evaluated, synthesized and placed into research and program development. Good firm data informs theoretical development that in turn informs policy planning, practice and further research.

Investment in students and student’s affairs & services does provide a healthy return to national economies as it helps students reach their full potential. The belief about higher education for commitment to the development of a whole rounded graduate, and the professional values are derived from that commitment. Therefore, student affairs services are based on the premise that a student is holistically prepared to fit well into their nations and worldwide job markets.