Student Representative Council

The SRC is the mother body for all students registered with Institute of Development Management. It also acts as the overseer of student clubs and societies operating at IDM. The SRC is fully affiliated to Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) and maintains a semi-autonomous structure and operates within the confines of the IDM rules and regulations. The SRC is also a member of the Botswana National Union of Students (BONUS) made of student leaders who been engaged in Botswana Qualification Authority, HRDC,and Ministry of Tertiary Education’s function.

SRC uses Collaboration, Engagement, consultation and Information exchange in their approaches.  Collaboration, SRC invites students to shared responsibility in decision-making and implementation and hence sits in most of the institution’s committees’ and forums. Through engagement, students engage in more partnerships including opportunities for partners and stakeholders to propose solutions and choose priorities. SRC further consults students and provides for more specific information gathering for improved decisions, while explicitly reserving the decision-making prerogative to the management, council and board. Through information exchange with other students and SRC within the tri-partite alliance countries, allows partners to gauge reactions, gain insight into other viewpoints, and ally controversy or conflict due to misinformation.

Baboloki Seone
Minister of Students With Special Needs
Karen Maake
Minister of Finance
Phomolo Leoke
Secretary General
Hendrick Keineetse
Minister of Student Welfare & Academics
Lovemore Rabotlhoko
Minister of Sports
Kingpriest Keamogetse
Minister of Hostels
Ophala Ramatlhaosa
Minister of Publicity & Propaganda
Hendrick Pheko
Minister of Justice & Security
Andrew Dihutso
Kago Monakwane
Vice President
Claude Sekaba
Minister Of Entertainment