Plagiarism is Troubling the Academic World Today and it is a Significant Issue on Campuses Around the World.

Plagiarism is troubling the academic world today and it is a significant issue on campuses around the world. This can sometimes lead to assignments being submitted that are inadequately referenced or, worse still, assignments being submitted that are largely (or entirely) the work of someone else. The purpose of this study was to investigate plagiarism among undergraduate students at a higher education institution in Eswatini. This study investigated the awareness and causes of plagiarism among undergraduate first, second and third year students at various departments at the Institute of Development Management in Eswatini. The general trend in universities and colleges is that there has been an increase in the adoption of rules and practices to increase the awareness of plagiarism.  A qualitative and quantitative research method was used. Data collected sheds light on both on awareness and attitudes toward plagiarism and how plagiarism is addressed on a university and classroom basis.  The study also assessed the incidence of plagiarism among students and the perceived factors responsible for the plagiarism.

Batfobile Tiletsile Pearl Dlamini
Author Lecturer: