An Evaluation of Customer Service and the Impact of Efficiency on Namibia’s Logistical Sector: A Study Involving Selected Courier Companies

Customers are important stakeholders in organisations and their satisfaction should be a priority to any company and its management. Customer service and satisfaction have been subjects of great interest to organisations and researchers alike. In recent years, organisations have been compelled to render more services in addition to the offers they provide. The quality of service has become an aspect of customer satisfaction. It has been proven by some researchers that service quality is related to customer expectation and satisfaction. The purpose of this study was to determine the level of Customer Service amongst a selected number of courier companies in Windhoek, Namibia. Simple random sampling was used to select customers from five selected courier companies. Quantitative data were gathered using a self-administered satisfaction level and expectation questionnaire. Purposively sampled managers from the same companies provided qualitative data through interviews involving service providers’ perspectives of customer service.

The study found that customer service has a myriad of meanings to customers. However, these are not always in congruence with those of service providers’ results, yet it is a source of distinctive operational efficiency. Loyalty and repeat business can be enhanced through the relationship between service providers and customers. The findings imply that customer service and good relationships with service providers are two of the most important factors to customers and good levels of customer service are critical to the majority of the customers. Also, to provide total satisfaction to customers, the service sectors need to improve upon the factors that were given as reasons for satisfaction. This study contributes to existing theories by confirming or adding value to the relationships that are involved in customer satisfaction and service quality. It provides results that could be useful to managers in business organisations for strategic planning.

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Edith Chimusoro
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