Veron Mosalakane discusses Building a high performing organisation with a culture of excellence

Wednesday, January 17, 2024 - 08:00

Business strategist, Oteng Veron Mosalakatane shared insights at the IDM Staff Development retreat in January 2024 and his deliberation anchored on the Business Excellence Model, which he described as an integrated management system consisting of key excellence principles and processes that build and sustain a high performing organisation.
The fundamental notion underlying this management system, he said, is that organisations should strive to attain operational excellence in order to achieve organisational excellence.
Outlining the various business excellence models in the world, Mr Mosalakatane also mentioned business excellence principles that included strategy management and its deployment processes, leadership and its sub-criteria, customer focus and its fundamentals, business processes, employees focus and its best practices, information and knowledge management and business results and its key performance indicators set-up.
He emphasized that by building capacity and managing the performance of these excellence principles, the organisation will have a high performing system that consistently achieves its performance targets.
“Adopting and implementing business excellence model will improve customer satisfaction including the tools and frameworks used in creating customer value. It will further lead to improved business profitability, improved employee engagement and satisfaction and community social contract,” he said.
On Culture of Excellence, the facilitator said high values are found in high performing organisations and its key behavioral indicators. He emphasized that a culture should be designed, managed, measured, and continually improved.
He said: “Transforming the culture starts with mindset change through the analogy of un-learning and re-learning process. Both employees and the organisation are in continuous interaction with the fast-changing environment, and they need to calibrate their ways of thinking and behaviour and adapt to changes. “
According to him, culture should be championed from a strategic level through excellence leadership. Both employees and management should display a modern mindset as they work together to create a conducive environment.
“These mindset models cover psychological safety, breaking silos and promoting collaboration, effective communication, emotional intelligence, the law of relationship building, building entrepreneurial mindset, mental health, value creation, customer journey map, kaizen, and performance management system,” he concluded