Ms. Elizabeth Nkala

CCPD Coordinator
Botswana Campus

Elizabeth Nkala is a Senior Consultant in the Human Resource and Organizational Development discipline. She is also the Coordinator of IDM's Centre for Continuing Professional Development. Prior to joining IDM, Elizabeth worked for the Directorate of Public Service (DPSM) as Assistant Director 1 (HRM). She was part of the team that implemented competency-based human resource management in the Public Service. She has conducted HR management consultancies for several institutions including government, private sector and corporates. Elizabeth’s areas of speciality include Job profiling, Competency-Based Assessment tools for Recruitment and Selection, Competency Modelling, Talent Management and Succession Planning.
Elizabeth Nkala holds a Masters of Human Resource Management (MTech HRM), BA (Hons) Psychology, BA Psychology and Diploma in Secondary Education. She has also attended professional courses in talent management, succession planning, assessment tools, job profiling, competency modelling and job match.