Wednesday, March 6, 2024 - 10:30



In a move aimed at bolstering human capital in Eswatini, The Institute of People

Management (IPM) and The Institute of Development Management (IDM) have joined

hands in a groundbreaking partnership set to redefine the landscape of talent

cultivation. This partnership was officially launched on the 29 th of February 2024 at the

IDM Auditorium. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation and excitement as industry

representatives, practitioners, and stakeholders gathered to witness the dawn of a new

era in human capital development.

At the core of this collaboration lies a shared dedication to recognizing and tackling the

evolving demands of the economy and job market. With this alliance now in motion,

transformative initiatives in human capital development are set to unfold, promising a

brighter future for the nation's workforce.

Among the key objectives of this partnership is the collective brainstorming and

identification of priority areas for human capital training, aligning closely with the

national development strategy. By pooling their expertise and resources, IPM and IDM

seek to explore innovative avenues to bolster tertiary education support, ensuring a

pipeline of skilled graduates are equipped to meet the demands that are not only

relevant but also responsive to the ever-changing landscape.

Central to this collaboration is the commitment to enhancing the competitiveness and

marketability of IDMs graduates, both locally and internationally. Through strategic

planning and a shared vision of the future, the partners seek to establish a roadmap that

encompasses short and long-term goals, laying the foundation for sustained growth


The launch was more than just ceremonial speeches, industry representatives actively

engaged in discussions centered around the significance of collaboration in fostering

talent acquisition and retention practices that attract top-tier professionals. Industry

insiders also shared insights on maximizing human capital potential within the dynamic

framework of a changing business environment.


As the world continues to evolve, so must our approach to human capital development.

IPM and IDM are committed to staying ahead of the curve. Through shared insights and

collective wisdom, they aim to shape a future where human capital is not just a resource

but a driving force for innovation and progress.

As the curtains close on this momentous occasion, the journey towards a brighter future

has only just begun. With IPM and IDM leading the charge, the path to comprehensive

human capital development in Eswatini is clearer than ever before. The country is

poised to seize new opportunities and propel its workforce towards a brighter future