IDM Regional Director launches Dimolemo Premium Institute

Friday, January 14, 2022 - 12:15

SEROWE: The Institute of Development Management (IDM) Regional Director, Richard Malikongwa has lauded the Management and Board of Dimolemo Premium Institute in Serowe for developing a unique product seeking to fight employment challenges in the Central Region.
The Institute developed training and learning programmes aiming to equip the youth and those who have had difficulties achieving their career aspirations with requisite skills in areas of entrepreneurship around Home child care; Home adult care; Health and safety in child and adult care settings; Train a Trainer; as well as Assessor training.
Speaking during the official launch of the training school, Malikongwa particularly applauded the founder of the project, Mrs Kedibonye Tsaone Mareka for her vision to see Botswana’s education system take a giant leap at a time when the country wants to transform into a knowledge based economy.
“Coming from an Education Training Provider myself, I feel encouraged to be here because Motswana are: “Kgetsi ya tsie e kgonwa ke go tshwaraganelwa,” kana “Wa owesi ga o ele”, meaning that success is achieved through a collective effort. Dimolemo Premium Institute is the latest addition to the list of several Education Training Providers we have in this country, seeking to support the Government in attaining its Transformation Agenda of a Knowledge Based Economy,” he shared.
He went on to reveal that human capital plays a pivotal role in the development of the economy, as highlighted in Vision 2036, and that investing in it will produce human resources that can be the engine of growth for sectors of the economy.
According to Malikongwa, the founder of the Institute is knowledgeable with issues, gaps and challenges in the area of health training, being a health professional with vast knowledge and experience in health, education and training, including public health, safety and health promotion practice.
He highlighted: “Having acquired such skills, she began to dream on how to apply them not only towards employment creation for fellow countrymen and women, but to contribute towards the national vision of a knowledge economy. Armed with her professional background, she became eager to provide education and training to address these contemporary issues centred on unemployment which are experienced by our locals, mainly the youth. The Institute therefore, seeks to provide the youth of the Central Region with skills to establish businesses to be able to create employment for others”.
He said the concept of creating employment, at the same time up-skilling young people to be entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable livelihoods is what is needed by the entire nation, not only in Central Region, to defeat the prevailing unemployment challenges.
Prior to the establishment of the training school, a research conducted in the Central Region revealed that while Batswana enjoy high access to free education, there are concerns regarding some segments of the population of youth who have not attained tertiary education.