IDM Partners with SOS Childrens's Village

Thursday, July 23, 2020 - 12:15

 The Institute of Development Management (IDM) and SOS have partnered to strengthen their programs and services in early childhood development.  Based on the strength and capabilities of SOS, IDM will, through SOS pre-schools and village facilities in Tlokweng, Serowe and Francistown, provide training resources for Early Childhood Education.
The collaboration marks yet another milestone by IDM to remain part of the social fabric of Botswana in matters pertaining to basic education.
 This relationship, will witness the reopening of SOS early childhood centers /preschools ran in collaboration with IDM starting with Francistown in early August this year. The preschools are targeted at benefitting children in and around the localities in which they exist, says Mildred Bafaletse, a coordinator for SOS/IDM early childhood centers.  
In addition to the education of children, the centers will be set up to offer a learning opportunity for other entities or individuals planning to establish, or already running early childhood education. The centers will benefit from IDM highly skilled consultants in early childhood education and other disciplines to provide quality early childhood education and services.   
These centers will also offer opportunity for IDM and other students training to become early childhood teachers and practitioners an opportunity to experience the real world of work.
Talking about IDM students undertaking early childhood studies, Ms Balefetse said“We want to ensure that every student undertaking this course acquires the relevant practical experience and skills needed to step into the employment world at the end of their studies. They are also exposed to acquiring skills to run their own establishments should they choose to open pre-schools after completion of their studies,” she revealed.
For her part, IDM Botswana Country Director, Dr Onalenna Seitio-Kgokgwe, said the Institute’s Early Childhood program is a strategic program geared towards addressing the national needs and aspirations of a skilled workforce as expressed in various policy documents including the National Development Plan 11, Human Resource Development Strategy and Education Sector Strategic Plan.
According to Dr Kgokgwe, the education sector is one of the key sectors where IDM is making a notable contribution in building a skilled workforce for the country.
She said; “We established an Early Childhood program in 2016 in line with the current needs and national priorities. In order to strength and support this program, particularly in the area of development of practical skills, we found it compelling to explore collaborative partnerships with institutions such as SOS who have the necessary resources and experience in early childhood education”.
The National Director of SOS Children’s Villages in Botswana, Mr Motshwari Kitso, said the partnership comes at the right time when SOS is rolling out its community re-integration program.
“We welcome this collaboration as timely and relevant. We are particularly pleased by the fact that IDM’s interest in SOS is not profit-driven, but aims at advancing the national agenda of creating Botswana a society that is knowledgeable with relevant quality education. We want to be part of that legacy.”