IDM and SOS Kindergarten Class of 2021 Graduation

Tuesday, December 7, 2021 - 09:00

Last Friday, 3 December, the Institute of Development Management (IDM) in partnership with SOS Children’s Village held a graduation ceremony for the Kindergarten Class of 2021.
The event, held at Adansonia Hotel in Francistown, saw 14 brilliant young minds receive their well-deserved pathright to Primary School.
In his welcome remarks, IDM Francistown Campus Manager, Elijah Moakofhi warned the youngsters that they are growing up at a time when the world is facing great challenges.
However, he noted such challenges have presented the up-coming generation with several opportunities to be greater in technology.
“Their learning will be completely different from our traditional way of learning,” declared Moakofhi excitedly.
Giving the keynote address, CEDA Branch Manager-Francistown, Mrs Gagoitseope said the inaugural graduation deserves special recognition as the kids have had to overcome numerous obstacles to get to where they are today.
“It is a phenomenal achievement and one which all graduates, teachers, management and parents should be proud of!” exclaimed Gagoitseope.
She added the achievement was all the more impressive as it occurred in the time of Covid-19, which has hindered learning across the world.
“For a kindergarten like this one, it meant doubling up efforts on issues of hygiene management since children are vulnerable,” she explained.
Gagoitseope commended the partnership between IDM and SOS, which she noted was founded on the strengths and capabilities of each institution to provide quality early-child education and services. She also noted such ventures are aligned with government’s vision to strengthen basic education.
She further revealed the partnership will see the reopening of the SOS Early Childhood Centre run in collaboration with IDM.
“Another Centre will open soon in Tlokweng through a similar arrangement,” she said.
According to Gagoitseope, in addition to the education of children, the centres will offer learning opportunities for other entities or individuals planning to establish early childhood establishments, or indeed those who are already running them. She voiced her confidence that the centres will benefit from the highly-skilled IDM personnel to provide quality early-childhood education and services.
“The partnership will go a long way in advancing the national agenda of creating a knowledge-based economy as it endeavours to equip learners at an early stage to acquire relevant knowledge at an early age,” Gagoitseope said.
The CEDA Branch Manager encouraged teachers to maintain the dedication they have already shown towards their work. She said young as they may be, children have dreams that matter, which at any given point can be brought to life.
“Through you, these kids leave carrying knowledge, experience and wealthy dreams that you’ve imparted on them,” she concluded.
Her words were reiterated by IDM Acting Country Director, Sipho Mbebe who hailed the partnership as a masterstroke.
“When we started this, people were saying we were entering the wrong space. But we told them we’re in this space because there are two things we want to do for Botswana, Lesotho and Eswatini to respond to the national agendas,” Mbebe disclosed.
He said the biggest concern from parents has always been the mushrooming of pre-schools whose quality and compliance were questionable.
“At IDM we’re at the forefront of the provision of quality education, and in 13 years I want to see these kids perusing their tertiary education at our institutions,” Mbebe stated.