Earl of St Andrews & Chancellor of University of Bolton cements relations with IDM

Sunday, December 8, 2019 - 10:15

The Chancellor of the University of Bolton, Earl of St Andrews George Philip Nicholas Windsor has presented Institute of Development Management (IDM) with a special plague to solidify the relationship between the two Institutions.
The gift is engraved the University of Bolton crest and motto, which embodies the spirit of the Institution and the exceptional rapport it has built with IDM over the years.
University of Bolton is a modern university with a distinctive history and has a long and proud heritage dating back to 1825. Through the years, the institution has evolved, placing special emphasis on theory and practice that was developed in the 19th century, enhanced in the 20th century, and still sits firmly at the heart of the university today.
Earl of Andrews Aide who also looks after University of Bolton’s partnerships, Fozia Uddin says over the years, the university has faced a number of changes and challenges, but has never lost focus on its motto; Wisdom overcomes difficulty.
When presenting this to Dr. Onalenna Seitio-Kgokgwe, Botswana Country Director, The Chancellor of the University of Bolton said:
“The presentation of this crest to IDM signifies the strength of the Partnership and together we can overcome the challenges faced in delivering high quality education opportunities in Botswana.”
The Chancellor of the University of Bolton was overwhelmed by the spirit and commitment of IDM in Botswana and is looking forward to seeing the growth and development of the Partnership in 2020 with some exciting developments. The Partnership between the two institutions demonstrates how collaborative efforts can help bring together expertise and knowledge from two countries to the benefit of local people and help contribute to the skills and knowledge development of Botswana. The Chancellor added:
“As Chancellor of the University of Bolton, I am honored to be able to visit this beautiful country and see the work that IDM does first hand in helping people and communities develop. The University of Bolton is committed to ensuring the Partnership continues to grow.”