DM Targets Local Authorities with New Product

Friday, July 13, 2018 - 14:00

The quest to offer customers relevant solutions continues to intensify as IDM prepares to launch the Centre for Local Governance in the imminent future. The soon-to-be released programme will provide a one-stop-shop for the Local Government authorities to be equipped with appropriate knowledge and skills to deliver superior service to their constituencies across Botswana.

The product, which comes against the backdrop of extensive engagements with various stakeholders across the country, serves to offer first in class skills to improve service excellence in the Local Government domain. Local Government as an institution has a mammoth task of capacitating not only its administrative staff but also the political leaders to empower them to effectively engage and respond to issues in their environments. Contemporary councillors must be well versed with government policies and processes to be able to effectively navigate the public service landscape in delivering value to their constituencies.

Being the face of government in villages and towns, Councils are challenged with delivery of an array of services including provision of infrastructure, quality education, health services, sanitation facilities among others, they find themselves in a position to create the right environment for people to live a fulfilling life.

IDM Senior Consultant in Public Administration and Governance, Kagelelo Relaeng pronounces that it is indispensable for councillors to be enlightened in their day-to-day responsibilities and hence respond effectively to issues.

The centre will house a complement of programs targeting various groups in Local Government. Significant emphasis will be placed on political leadership where issues of self-management, personal leadership and branding will be some of the key modules.

Upon completion of the programme, participants will have an appreciation of contemporary issues in Visible Leadership, Self-Management and personal branding, Public Finance and Budgeting, Strategic Planning awareness for Councillors, Corporate Governance for Local Authorities, Project Management and Monitoring among others.

IDM Botswana Country Director, Dr Onalenna Seitio-Kgokgwe says it is no longer business as usual in that the needs of customers are now becoming more complex and sophisticated. “We therefore feel challenged to look for innovative and customer-centric solutions to meet the diverse customer needs. At IDM we continue to remain relevant in providing differentiated training programmes that help shape the uniqueness and superiority of the service that is ultimately delivered to citizens as we all journey to achieve Vision 2036.”.”

A significant amount of work has gone into the consultation process with relevant stakeholders to understand their specific needs to develop this product.