Computer programming bootcamp hosted at IDM

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 - 14:00

Code Afrique and Cornell University hosts computer programming bootcamp at IDM
IDM hosted students from all over the country who had come to take part in an IT workshop for coding and computer programming. The event was hosted by the STEM foundation, Cornell University (USA), Knowledge Institute, Code Afrique and IDM.
Mentors are selected from various institutions to assist the students for the period of the bootcamp. The event was also supported by the IDM IT team on campus which provided an excellent platform for networking and information sharing. The visiting professors from the Cornell University also met with a few members of the management team to discuss possible future collaborations in the IT space.
The bootcamp took place over 2 days 9-10 January 2020. It was themed, “ Developing the next generation of African coders.” Students were split into two groups those with computer programming knowledge and those who do not. This assists them to be taught at their own pace starting from the familiar to the unfamiliar subject matter.
Registration for the bootcamp was open to high school and tertiary students.
Speaking at the opening event Professor Hakim of Cornell University said this was an exciting time for African students to join in and participate in the capacitation of IT skills and the use of technology as the world of IT opens numerous doors for young people.
Girls were encouraged to participate and be a part of the exciting times where developing countries affiliate and join in on  the 4th industrial revolution. IDM’s IT students were also invited to take part in this eye opening experience.