Friday, November 9, 2018 - 08:30

On the 09th November 2018, IDM Staff, in conjunction with pupils embarked on a first initiative that was mandated to kick-start  the campus cleaning programme aimed at taking full responsibility of maintaining a clean environment that is conjusive for leaning.
Dr. Retselisitsoe E Nko as he addressed the students mentioned that all need to take full responsibility in maintaining hygiene and tidiness with in the IDM boundaries and beyond.
He stated that as the IDM slogan states that we Grow Great minds, our responsibility begins first in taking good care of our environment in which spent most hours of the day within, that we cannot become leaders who do not take action of taking care of our surroundings.
As an institution of higher learning, which also prides itself in contributing to the educational development of the society, it is only fitting to lead by examples in paving the way for a new, better and sustainable society that can be enjoyed by all who thrive in it, said the activity organizer Mr.Tsitso L Monaheng.
Speaking at the occasion, IDM Registrar, Mrs Makhosi Hlalele mentioned that we exist in a global village, therefore each need to take ownership of the environment in which we exist in and to also contribute to global outcry of meeting the sustainable development goals as expected by environmental wellness agencies globally.
She Thanked all who participated in the activity and reiterated that this marks the first of may similar initiatives to follow in the near future.