entrepreneurship development

Course Duration:
1 Week
Mode of Study:
Full Time, Part Time
Course Modules

Entrepreneurship is widely recognized as an important role player in achieving economic and social development, including employment creation, economic growth and poverty alleviation. This programme is therefore designed to impart entrepreneurial qualities to enable participants to survive in the business world. Participants of the programme will be equipped with competencies that include concepts, skills, practical applications and mental awareness, used by persons during the process of starting, operating and developing the growth of their enterprises.

Learning Outcomes

  • Market and promote their business for people to purchase their goods and services.
  • Maintain book of accounts for their business in order to keep track of their sales, costs, and profits.
  • State laws, permits, taxes and other regulations required for their potential business.
  • Define their business idea and people who will be who will be interested in their products through market research.
  • Communicate with people persuasively and effectively to make them satisfied customers.
  • Provide the best possible customer service in order make customers to keep coming back to the business.
  • Manage people working for their business effectively so that they can positively contribute to the development and grow of it.
  • Develop and maintain purchasing and supply policies that would lead to effective acquisition of goods and services for the business.
Course Modules