Tree planting ceremony on campus

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 - 09:45

In commemoration of the World environment day held in June, IDM campus in collaboration with the Forestry department in the Ministry of Agriculture planted various trees around campus. The event was attended by staff members and environmental health students. Speaking at the event Head of the Public Health department Margaret Bhembe said, “ Trees act as carbon sinks since they can absorb carbon dioxide from the environment and store it. They help to decrease the carbon  amounts from the environment and purify the air. They also aid in the reduction of the toxic impact of the greenhouse effect. Our day to day activities is dependent  upon trees. From the roots to its leaves every part of it provides us with valuable medicines, fuel, timber and shelter.”
Speaking at the function Country Director Dr Mabila said, “ this will also serve as  a lasting legacy as these trees will remain at IDM long after we are gone providing shelter for many.”
The event was a great eye opener to the different uses of trees, healing properties and superstitions around them which was taught by the department of forestry representative.