The quality of a manager’s work depends not only on his or her vision or powers of organization, or supervisory skill, but also on the ability to convey clear messag- es and instructions in writing so as to facilitate appropriate action. Well-structured written messages have a greater impact as they are easier to understand and more likely to be remembered. There is no doubt that effective messages will contribute greatly to the success of any organization.

This course is designed to equip participants with the practical knowledge, skills and techniques for writing effective messages.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply critical thinking in the writing process
  • Articulate ideas clearly and structure messages logically
  • Present the material in a highly readable manner
  • Distinguish between informational and persuasive messages
  • Use appropriate language, style and tone
  • Draft effective reports, proposals, minutes of meetings, speeches, etc.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the formats and uses of key workplace documents
Mode of Study: 
Full Time
Part Time
Course Duration: 
1 Week