Project management knowledge is essential to the successful planning, development and delivery of projects. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, both public and private sector organizations in Lesotho are under pressure to deliver better results, faster. Many organisations today have complex infrastructure and technology-based projects, which bring about significant social, environmental and economic impacts. As such, these organisations need the skills to manage multiple projects to achieve organisational goals; they need to understand the context of projects and follow a clear project model. There is thus a training gap, which requires urgent bridging for the benefit of the public and private sector, as well as the employees.
The purpose of the Post Graduate Diploma of Project Management is to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to plan and manage projects that achieve the goals and objectives important to project managers and an organisation, regardless of its line of business or industry. It gives a working knowledge of project management as well as an understanding of methods, techniques and tools available to help manage projects more effectively.

Mode of Study: 
Part Time
Business and Information Resource Management
Course Duration: 
18 months