Joint Media Statement by Institute of Development Management and Boitekanelo College

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 - 14:30

On Tuesday 15th January 2019, Eswatini TV published false allegations about Institute of Development Management’s Emergency Medical Care (EMC) program.


To give more context, the EMC program was introduced in partnership with Botswana-based Boitekanelo College in 2017. This followed an intensive engagement process with relevant stakeholders in Eswatini, which included Ministry of Health, Emergency Preparedness and Response Unit, National Fire Emergency Services, Correctional Services, Royal Police Services and hospitals who required the relevant skills to provide emergency medical care services to the public. These stakeholders rendered input in the localization of this course for the Eswatini context.


Whilst we fully appreciate the role of the media and its responsibility to inform the public, we wish to express our shock and dismay at the manner in which Eswatini TV made wrong accusations and conclusions before affording themselves the opportunity to understand IDM’s position on the matter, especially after they were directed by IDM’s Marketing and Communications Manager to interview the relevant officials to provide them with facts. It is also against the basic ethical rules of the media professionals to choose to go to press with one viewpoint, denying a person or an institution such as IDM the right to respond to allegations made against them.


It is against this backdrop that IDM wishes to put the record straight through this media statement:


  • IDM is a tripartite institution with courses fully accredited and running in Botswana, Lesotho and Eswatini. The regulatory authorities in our three countries have an accreditation process which has to be followed, in the case of Eswatini, the EMC programme was submitted to Eswatini Higher Education Council as part of all IDM programmes to be assessed. An assessment report is awaited in this regard, which will further allow our graduates to register with the Medical and Dental Association. While we await assessment by Eswatini Higher Education Council, EMC course is fully accredited by Botswana Qualification Authority. This is a standard requirement which has been practised over the years. Prior to the roll out of this program in Eswatini, learners from Eswatini were enrolled in Botswana for training at Boitekanelo College. Following a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Boitekanelo College and Ministry of Health, Boitekanelo College was to open a satellite campus in Eswatini.


  • Subsequently, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between IDM and Boitekanelo College to this effect for the course to be introduced at IDM Eswatini campus to bring the training closer to learners, as well as assist them manage costs incurred through travel as well as accommodation.

To date two cohorts have graduated for the program and a total of 34 Emergency Medical Care paramedics are well equipped and ready to serve the needs on the ground. Eswatini government is part of SADC consortium that aims to strengthen Disaster Management Agencies in readiness to reduce mortality rates as well as inevitable disasters. This program, which we offer at Certificate level was designed to provide the requisite skills in the health sector to help Eswatini government to effectively respond to emergencies.


We wish to further assure our students of our full commitment to provide quality education to them. We are working around the clock to address this issue with all relevant stakeholders.



Nontobeko Dlamini

Marketing & Communications Manager

+268 7624 2430