IDM Students Participate at the Mascom Batanani Charity Walk

Wednesday, August 31, 2022 - 11:15

As part of its students’ engagement plan, 150 IDM students led by the Students Representative Council took part in the Mascom Batanani Charity Walk this past weekend in Francistown. Students participated as volunteers and marshals to facilitate the smooth running of the event. Their efforts support the Institute’s Corporate Social Responsibility program which include promoting diversity and inclusion. This year’s event was aimed at raising funds for the Centre for the Deaf, an organization which is also one of IDM’s strategic partners.  The theme for this year was: ‘Support Deaf people’. Ntsha sign and walk for change!
Justice Lot Moroka, who was five-kilometre Chief Walker, lauded Mascom for making a difference in the lives of Batswana, adding that they have been consistent about their efforts to positively touch lives.  
He said: “Despite the hurdles that the COVID-19 pandemic brought about, Mascom Wireless has remained firm in its commitment to Batswana by allowing them to walk virtually across the country, in their homes, on treadmills, at their preferred gyms and around their communities.”
He said since inception of the Walk, the Francistown community had not only been home to the Mascom Batanani Charity Walk, but it had also been a big beneficiary of the walk as all NGOs that benefitted from the walk were based in Francistown. He was happy that this year’s beneficiary was Francistown Centre for the Deaf, a school with a student population of 106 from around the country and 55 teachers including support staff.
“I am not only proud of the work that the centre does for the deaf community, but I am also humbled by the spirit of everyone who saw it fit to join us in walking to support,” he said.
In a separate interview, the IDM Francistown Campus Manager, Mr Elijah Moakofhi said the Mascom Batanani Charity Walk gave IDM students a perfect opportunity to experience social responsibility and how they can also contribute towards making a positive impact in the lives of fellow Batswana.
“IDM has been around for a long time. Our 48 years of existence is testimony to the legacy we have built and sustained. We are also proud that our student community remains a bigger part of this legacy,” he revealed.