IDM Partakes in national building dialogue and reforms

Thursday, July 25, 2019 - 07:45

In a an effort to resuscitate nation building issues through Multi Stakeholders National dialogues  and reforms for national transformation, IDM was given an opportunity to deliberate how the education sector, more particularly at tertiary level has an impact to contribute through capacity building and skills transfer and development.
The session was facilitated by Lesotho Council of NGOs(LCN) hosted at IDM premises for Members of Senate and principal Chiefs.
Amongst a host of short course programmes available at the institute, IDM offers leadership, advocacy as well as Public speaking.
“Education plays a fundamental role in helping shape leaders that are needed to develop our country. We need leaders with expertise to become sensitized with information about what the nation expect form leader, what attributes and leadership qualities are needed as well ethical conduct and etiquette qualities expected from a leader’’ alluded Mr. Tso SECHABA, business development consultant IDM.
Various sectors i.e. media, security, economic and others are granted an opportunity to voice out recommendations under the theme; ‘The Lesotho we want’.  
Clearly, with time things change, we find innovative means that are more effective, efficient to carry on daily activities with less effort and little time and at times at lower costs.
IDM is not foreign to this. Constantly, we continue to improve communication systems and tools that help enhance day-to-day means of communication and general operation.
 As an entity that strives to become a leading innovative institution in skills management through training, research and consultancy, it is imperative to embrace technology and digitalization in order to respond to eminent market needs and to embrace the current looming transition of the 4th Industrial Revolution.
Through practical solutions that drive the mandate of the national agenda, together as a nation, working  in unity in our respective dynamic sectors, there is hope to transform Lesotho into a dream land that we can all live and thrive in peace, stability and ultimately prosperity.