District Programmes Promotion- Qachas

Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 09:15

In our intensions to promote IDM services to the masses, IDM embarked on a course Promoting and Sensitization journey to Qacha’s neck.

This came after our consistent communication with a group of public and private sector personnel whom we had been engaging with regarding their interest to become enrolled at IDM.

Programme Presentations were made to the group by the offices of Marketing, Student Administration and the Registrar.

This initiative also marks a key milestone by IDM to make regular district visits in the mission of getting the positioning the brand and to enhance its competitive urge.

In collaboration with District Administration offices throughout the country, we wish have IDM brochures, course outlines and Application forms accessible to such offices for those people willing to enroll in their respective districts to register at close proximity to their vicinities for purposes of convenience.

Moreover, IDM Lesotho also plans to hold short-term courses to in the Districts depending on the magnitude of pupils who which to enroll.

This comes after realizing that many people in districts wish to enroll for short term course trainings but are however unable to do so due to distance problem.