Diploma in Human Resource Management and Organisational Development

The primary purpose of a HRM & OD programme is to effectively meets the demands and challenges of the fast-changing organisational management environment. The programmes are intended to provide an academic training in Human Resource and Organisational management; to grow analytical capacity; and to inspire strategic thinking. This course provides skills for understanding the role and potential of HRM & OD as well as the techniques for becoming a better HR & OD Practitioner.

Exposure to critical thinking skills, understanding of organisational cultures and people, the Organisation building, the complexities of leadership, the art of communication, and the challenge of change. All of these skills will support you in your future careers progression while joining the cooperate world. A qualification in the Human Resource Management and Organisational Development is therefore a well-respected globally, and people with this type of qualification form the backbone of any Organisation they work for.

Today’s ever-changing career world demands various skills that this programme furnish you with, including: communication skills, creativity, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, computer literacy, and critical thinking.

Course Admission Requirements:

COSC/LGCSE  5 passes A-D including a pass in English. With recognition to prior learning.

Mode of Study: 
Block release
Full Time
Part Time
Botswana Campus
Eswatini Campus
Lesotho Campus
Human Resources and Organisational Development
Course Duration: 
2 Years