Contribution of Development Management Institutes on the Looming 4th Industrial Revolution on Lesotho T.V national interview

Tuesday, July 2, 2019 - 10:00

As an entity that strives to become a leading innovative institute in skills management through Training, Research and Consultancy, It is imperative to embrace Technology and digitization. 
It is also crucial to design programmes that are in line with current market demands and also in tune with the looming 4th Industrial Revolution trend in order to respond to the national agenda as well as Sustainable Development Goals(SDG4).
IDM is committed to assist the public and private sector with capacity building through needs and assessment analysis to improve efficiency as well as to keep them afloat with dynamic developments Globally.
These issues were discussed by IDM Management 
D.R Retselisitsoe Nko ( Country Director) and Mme Rethabile Melao Ntlama( Sinior Consulatant HRM&OD) on today's( Monaday 01st July 2019 interview with Thahameso at LTV.