Mamatsoai Nkoe

IT Systems Administrator
Lesotho Campus

Mamatsoai Nkoe graduated at the University of the Free State in 2012 where she completed her Honors Degree in Computer Information systems and did her undergraduate degree in Computer Science in Geographical Information Systems (GIS). She is an expert in Information and communication Technology. Before joining IDM she was a senior system administrator at Econet Telecom Lesotho where she was responsible for maintaining good health of all computerized systems (both hardware and software), storage systems, networks as well backup and restoration systems. She has also assumed the role of a Junior Internet security officer at the Ministry of Communication, science and Technology as well as a Database Administrator at Ministry of social Development where she was responsible for database management of social welfare systems. She currently assumes the role of IT systems administrator in the department of IT. She is responsible for administration, support and security of all information systems.