peer education in hiv & aids

Course Duration:
1 Week
Mode of Study:
Full Time, Part Time
Course Modules

The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Botswana and the sub-region remains a health and socio-economic challenge. The results of sentinel surveillance studies show the need for consolidation of efforts to continue the fight against the epidemic. The rationale for this course therefore is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills of sharing and disseminating information on HIV/AIDS to their fellow employ- ees effectively. It is an empowerment programme to allow participants realise the harm the epidemic has caused at individual, family, household, community and national level and to re-examine the individual’s role in contributing to the fight that His Excellency F.G. Mogae – President of the Republic of Botswana has since declared in 1998.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss and appreciate the psycho-socio and economic impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic at all levels within the corporation and the country as a whole;
  • Explain the concept of peer education in HIV/AIDS;
  • Explain the basic facts in HIV/AIDS;
  • Explain the national programmes for HIV/AIDS and STIs control;
  • Explore societal issues related to HIV/AIDS;
  • Provide basic counselling and communication skills; and finally;
  • Describe and demonstrate life skills and practices that reduce the risk of HIV infection.
Course Modules