managing consultancy services

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Organisations regularly desire and have a quest for well capacitated and result-oriented interventions targeted at enhancing organizational performance. From time to time when this is not the case, senior managers look up to ‘consult- ants’ to provide answers to those aspects of organisational operations that are problematic and and/or impede the desired performance. Since consultancy involves the creation and management of relationships between the consultant, the client and the sponsor, all these stakeholders must clearly understand their roles and expectations for the enhanced success of the consulting process as well as its outcomes. Participants in any consulting intervention must be equipped with the techniques and skills of the consulting process. This course is therefore meant to equip participants with the knowledge, techniques and skills of managing consultancy interventions and the consulting process. The course engages participants on what consultancy entails, what a consultant does, and the correlations that exist between consultants and clients.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand an overview of what consultancy consists of and what processes are followed in managing consultancy projects;
  • Understand and apply details related to consultancy proposal preparation; presentation and acceptance;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of key start-up activities in a consultancy project;
  • Apply different approaches and methodologies for data sampling, gathering and analysis;
  • Develop alternatives / options analysis and presentation of findings;
  • Construct consultancy project management and control frameworks.
Course Modules