managemennt training for personal assistants

Course Duration:
1 Week
Mode of Study:
Full Time, Part Time
Course Modules

The pressures of globalization and regional integration have compelled countries to work in groups rather than in isolation as they face the ever-increasing challeng- es of modern times. The need for stronger socio-economic co-operation and unity among nations is felt more today than ever before as a means of fostering regional development to alleviate economic ills; enforce regional safety and security; and combat international crimes and global health challenges.

The prevailing situation in calls for more enlightened, self-driven and confident individuals to function as executive / personal secretaries/assistants. This course, therefore, is intended to enhance the participants’ capacity to function under challenging circumstances and environments.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of general management principles and concepts
  • Apply general management principles and concepts in their day-to-day tasks.
  • Review systems and practices in their organizations with a view to improving efficiency
  • Use the scientific problem solving method
  • Use organizational media effectively
  • Demonstrate positive interpersonal skills
  • Relate to customers positively.
  • Use an electronic spreadsheet
  • Use advanced features of Microsoft Word
  • Use relevant graphic features of Microsoft Office
Course Modules