corporate strategy

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Today’s managers have to think strategically about the organisation’s position and the impact of changing conditions. They have to monitor the organisation’s exter- nal environment and internal capabilities closely enough to know when to institute strategic changes. They have to know the business well enough to determine what kind of strategic changes to initiate. This course helps participants develop a critical understanding and appreciation of strategic planning as a fundamental tool to guide and direct the vision, mission, objectives and values of the organisation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand an overview of strategic management process.
  • Establish company direction - developing a strategic vision, setting objectives, and crafting a strategy.
  • Appraise industry and competitive analysis.
  • Evaluate company resources and competitive capabilities.
  • Craft strategic plan for competitive advantage.
  • Develop an Implementation Plan.
  • Develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Tool for the plan.
Course Modules