change management

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Change is inevitable. It pervades organizations as they grow and develop. While change can be orchestrated from within (micro forces) or externally (macro-forc- es), it can be planned, and/or unplanned. How much change an organization can endure, want, whether positive or negative is insignificant, far more important is how people creatively deal with and cope with change in order to yield desired outcomes.

Change often involves changing how people carry out their jobs and evidently affect behaviour. Ability to manage the human side of change positively correlates to achievement of change objectives. This course is about equipping participant with skills on how to win the hearts and minds of each individual affected by change within an organization in order to reduce their resist- ance and ensure that envisaged changes are implemented and sustained successfully.

 Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the role of change in organizational success;
  • Analyze drivers for change;
  • Distinguish types of change and how change affects individuals, teams and organizations;
  • Describe the phases of change;
  • Analyze causes of individual and organizational resistance to change and management thereof;
  • Apply change management models to manage change;
  • Explore strategies to increase success for the change; and
  • Explore role of leaders in managing change.
Course Modules