occupational health and safety management

Course Duration:
1 Week
Mode of Study:
Full Time, Part Time
Course Modules

All workplaces have potential and existing health and safety hazards that could undermine the productivity targets of the enterprise. The increasing awareness of the employees’ rights to health and safety at work and the need for organizations to comply with International Standards has intensified the importance of sound occupational health and safety practices.

In line with the relevant national laws and international conventions, the purpose of this course is to equip employers and employees with the necessary skills to identify hazards, assess the significance of hazards, and implement prescribed control strategies and to protect the workforce from adverse health and safety conditions generated from the workplace environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify occupational health and safety hazards.
  • Identify causes of accidents in the workplace.
  • Assess the significance of occupational health and safety hazards in accordance with organisational requirements.
  • Implement control strategies for the identified hazards.
  • Establish a risk management and monitoring system in the workplace.
  • Manage work-related stress
Course Modules