finance for non finance managers

Course Duration:
3 Days
Mode of Study:
Full Time, Part Time
Course Modules

It is generally accepted that finance is a scarce resource used to meet unlimited wants. Finance is also believed to be the life blood of any organisation, be it public or private. As such it has to be managed optimally to ensure that the wants of the people are met in the cost effective and transparent manner and organisational survival. This requires an understanding of public finance management principles. Low levels of resource generation, misallocation of funds, resources underutilization, lack of accountability /transparency and corruption are the common challenges that those responsible for managing public funds experience from time to time. The primary objective of the proposed short course is to address these challenges.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the finance function
  • Apply basic costing methods and techniques in their activities
  • Prepare budget and execute budgetary control
  • Read and analyse financial statements
  • Appraise investment projects
  • Identify forms of long-term finance.
Course Modules