Clients’ Perceptions of HIV/AIDS Supportive Counseling in Botswana: A Qualitative Study

The United Nations has created the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) initiative in an attempt to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic worldwide by the year 2030. In an effort to assist in the SDG cause, the current study sought to obtain data from clients in Botswana regarding the perceptions of their experiences with HIV/AIDS counseling from 25 randomly selected hospitals/clinics. Clients were then sequentially offered the opportunity to participate in the study. Volunteers were then provided with the survey and data was collected through 5 survey questions that elicited qualitative feedback from participants. Once data was collected, thematic analysis was utilized to determine major themes found within participants’ responses. The themes found within these responses are presented along with their implications for future research and practice.

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Tebatso Paul
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