Batfobile Pearl Dlamini

Eswatini Campus
Business and Information Resource Management
Job Title: 
Acting Discipline Coordinator (BIRM)
Masters Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management; Certificate in Managing Training and Development; Management Development Programme

Batfobile holds a Masters Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management and majored in Strategic Management. She has spent the last five years refining her academic acumen to accentuate her work experienceand position herself in an academic career.  Teaching is her integral part of her work experience, particularly as a tool to engage various stakeholders in the private and public sectors.  She is particularly passionate about adult learning and education.  She believes this to be a major building block of a learning society and fosters a culture of learning throughout life and revitalizes learning in families, communities and in the work place.  She also subscribes to multidisciplinary approaches to research because they are a catalyst for innovation and knowledge creation in contemporary human related challenges.  She participates in a number of research conferences, supervises research projects and engages with various stakeholders in the research community.  She is highly motivated and an adept team player.