This Programme will provide participants comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of project management, including key principles and practices and ability to apply a significant range of professional and business skills and techniques in project management.


Target Group: Holders of Bachelors Degree.


Duration Venue 18 Months Gaborone Campus


Mode Block Release (Four days, Friday- Monday, every six weeks) 

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The course is designed to provide an in-depth all round understanding of Project Management at undergraduate level, enabling the graduate to work in the projects in any field. The degree in Project Management will equip students with skills and competencies which are in high demand in Botswana and globally. The graduates will be able to contribute to the overall success of businesses by ensuring the projects are completed within the constraints of time, cost and quality.



Target Group: This degree program will be offered for those already working in project environment, who wish to pursue a career in Project Management, and school leavers who wish to enter this...

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 As part of its mandate to improve the managerial knowledge, skills and attitudes of employees charged with senior and middle management responsibilities in the public, parastatal and private sectors, The IDM HRM degree programme aims to generate a competent cadre of human resource practitioners operating within the supervisory, middle and senior levels of management. The programme is designed to equip learners with the necessary skills that are essential in supervising and managing employees within the work environment. The Degree focuses on the operational and strategic functions of human resource management. It also provides participants with business knowledge and skills that will...

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This programme intended  to equip participants with a comprehensive understating of the nature  of government. It also equips  them with knowledge  and skills to enable  them to run their workplaces with minimal supervision in both the public and the private enterprises.

Course Admission Requirements

Holders of Certificate in Public Administration and Management OR ‘O’ levels OR Pass in BGSE OR an assessed equivalent entry qualification.

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The Bachelor  of Office Management degree at IDM provides  an  opportunity  for office administration workforce  to progress beyond  the diploma level. Currently there  is no baccalaureate training in Office Management in Botswana and Eswatini yet there are many diploma graduates in the field, whose  progression hinges on the degree qualification.

The IDM Bachelor of Office Management degree programme will enable secretaries and office managers to efficiently and effectively perform their jobs as well as progress academically and career wise. Many aspects of modern  Organisations require strong  management, including every day operations. Office Managers are tasked with keeping...

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