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Management Development through Training, Consultancy and Research.


Be a leading provider of quality and innovative management and organizational development services in  SADC region and beyond.


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By the year 2010 IDM aims:

To transform into an autonomous and commercialised institute.
To turn into a profitable and financially self sufficient institute.
To transform into a reputable and customer focused institute.
To provide competitive quality services.
To position itself to operate regionally with state of the art facilities.
To establish itself as a centre for excellence and employer of choice.
To develop into a socially responsive organization, and
To be a result oriented institute.


The Institute of Development Management (IDM) was established in 1974 as a regional organisation in Botswana , Lesotho and Swaziland (BLS) countries to help meet the management needs of the Region through management development activities including training, consultancy, research, and the establishment of a Management Resource Centre.

IDM has traditionally conducted consultancy projects in the BLS countries but, in recent years, these services have been used throughout the SADC Region. The expertise available from IDM is extensive, covering a wide range of subject areas in our five core departments.

 The specific objectives of IDM are:


To improve the managerial knowledge and skills of persons charged with senior responsibilities for development in the public, parastatal and private sectors;
To provide management training and consultancy to middle and senior level personnel in the public, parastatal and private sectors;
To improve organisational structures, administrative and management procedures and development policies related to social and economic needs;
To improve the data base available for decision making with respect to development;
To extend public awareness of and encourage public involvement in all aspects of development.


The Institute is an autonomous institution and operates under the general direction of a Governing Board composed of representatives from government, industry and universities in each of the BLS countries. The Board meets three times a year – for at least two days - in member countries on a rotational basis to discuss matters pertaining to management training programmes, staff development, finances, relations with donor agencies and other policy matters.

 Administratively, it is headed by a Regional Director who is the Chief Executive. Each country has a campus headed by a Country Director. The Regional Office of IDM is located in Gaborone , Botswana .


IDM has a full-time faculty of thirty-eight staff members covering a wide variety of areas of specialisation. The full-time faculty operates in all three countries conducting management development and training needs assessment, designing and conducting management courses and carrying out consultancies for clients in the public, parastatal and private sectors. In addition to the full-time faculty, the Institute has Associate Consultants in each country whose services are used to provide expertise whenever necessary.

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